StarCat 10 is a complete solution for managing client computers and devices from a central location. Management will benefit from enhanced visibility for budgeting and planning. While administrators can leverage a large variety of features that automates and simplifies IT management tasks. With 15 years of experience, StarCat has proven itself to be a reliable tool in over 500 organizations with more than 1 million devices being managed. StarCat has helped government and enterprise customers, both domestic and international, save time and money

        Key and Unique Features Remote Management Your IT Helpdesk can take remote control of your client devices, so computer problems can be fixed quickly and cost effectively, without sending people on-site. Distribute and Install software Distribute and deploy software across the enterprise without leaving your desk. Saves time, money, and resources. Increase System Security Computers can be standardized to meet a security baseline. Reduce risk and increase security for your organization's information systems by keeping software up-to-date and controlling USB devices. Less Resource Consumption StarCat Software is designed to use minimal system resources. It efficiently uses CPU resources, memory and network bandwidth, so even old computers and bandwidth starved remote offices can be properly managed. Intelligent Asset Management StarCat automatically gathers information about your IT environment and hardware and software assets. This information can be used to make efficient purchasing decisions and better strategic IT plans. Value for money StarCat delivers a complete computer management solution without requiring excessive expenditure on upgraded infrastructure. A single PC class StarCat server can support thousands of clients. System maintenance is simpler and faster because of the small agent size and low server/client ratio. Optimize your IT operations with our solutions. StarCat is a complete solution for managing distributed computer resources from a central location. With a large variety of features, StarCat automates and simplifies IT management tasks saving time and money. Hardware and software inventory are always up-to-date for fast and better decision making. Software piracy can be monitored and controlled. Overburdened IT staff will have improved productivity and can support more users. StarCat Software is a tool that will significantly improve your IT Operations. Internet of Things Moscii Group is at the leading edge of researching and developing innovative embedded technology, remote sensing and IoT solutions. With a focus on the future, our goal is to have a positive impact on the world and enhance the quality of life for everyone. Our research team is working with educational institutions, government agencies and private industry to create exciting solutions that address real world problems. The solutions and innovations generated by our joint development will be applied in areas such as smart farming, smart city, logistics, medical and educational applications. Application of Technology (Remote Sensing) There is a variety of remote communication technologies such as LoRa, NB-IoT, Lte-m, as well as different Micro Controller technologies. Each technology has pros and cons. Our task is to develop prototypes with the right technology for the desired application, so we can deliver the best products to our customers. IoT Device Management The management of IoT devices is difficult and often overlooked. With a significant and growing increase in the number of IoT devices for various applications, the need for IoT Device Management is becoming a critical requirement.

        StarCat Enterprise is System Management Software for Networked PC’s. StarCat consists of 3 components; StarCat Server, StarCat Console and StarCat Agent, it works in a client and server configuration so you can be sure that all clients are controlled from the IT Management Center. Complete PC management and policy control virtually eliminates the need for the IT staff to visit the desk-side because all operations are performed remotely. StarCat Enterprise also gives organization an alternative to tedious physical auditing methods and statistical analysis of computer performance in the network with automated inventory and asset information collection. Certain tactical desktop initiatives are driving the immediate need for an enterprise desktop management solution and these initiatives provide immediate payback and lower TCO when the appropriate technology and processes are used. StarCat Enterprise is a tool for the day-to-day managing of computers in the network. With the powerful functionalities and friendly interfaces, it eliminates the problem of systems management by making it easy for IT administrators to access the needed information, control and manage thousands of PCs at the same time to keep networked PCs running efficiently and solving problems quickly.