Company Overview

Moscii found in 1999. We developed our expertise in system management software called "StarCat". For the past few years, Moscii has received very good reputation from customers in many field of business both in Asia and Europe. within our slogan, "StarCat" The total solution for IT Management. We support 10,000 Desktop as simple as 1.

Our mission is to connect everything and empowering people. We believe that there is no limit to how far human wisdom can be developed. Within the company, we continually aim to achieve mutual understanding, fulfill mutual responsibilities, and combine the power of our individual employees. Because “Respect the people and continue creativities” is our attitude.

We are innovating in ways that empower our customers, our partners and ultimately to everyone, in a connected world. we’ve developed and productized innovations across every aspect of Information technology. By the dedication to develop management software system that ensures performance, reliability, and security at the scale that customers demand of their environment without compromise.

Our core competencies is in Software development, Specialized in Desktop, Notebook, Tablet PC, Kiosk and all Mobility appliance Management systems. We have invested significant time and resources in creating a research and development (R&D) process that successfully brings product concepts and development projects to market. Moscii’s continued investment in research and development allows us to deliver a broad range of products and services to customers in worldwide.


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