StarCat 2013 Express is a simple desktop management software solutions that have has been designed to reduce the support and IT administration costs for SME’s.

    To stay competitive, small and medium enterprises have to do more with less. Information technology can be a vital tool in helping SME’s stay competitive and compete in the global market place. The use of information technology can make staff be more productive and open up new business opportunities. But as any IT manager knows systems need to be maintained and managed or the same tools that provide the firm with a competitive edge can quickly become a competitive dis-advantage. Computer systems in general can be challenging to manage. Power users demand flexibility and control of their devices, but this flexibility increases the need for IT support, and increases the company’s security risk. A common problem is software piracy, where users are installing illegal software. The pirated software not only exposes the company to software licensing penalties, but can put the entire network at risk to malware and data theft. To do more with less, small and medium enterprises need a system management tool that is cost effective and easy to use.

    StarCat Express meets the needs of SMEs with comprehensive system management features for deployments ranging from a few dozen computers to hundreds of machines. IT can quickly initiate remote support sessions to get problems resolved in a responsive manner. Hardware and software asset management is automated. The risk of unauthorized and illegal software can be managed with compliance reports and alerting when software is found on the network. In short, StarCat Express helps SME’s do more with less.

    To keep the Total Cost of Ownership low, SME’s can use a desktop (Windows Vista, 7, 8) to act as the StarCat server. The interface of StarCat program was designed to be easy and simple to use eliminating the need for costly training. StarCat Express allows an administrator to manage hundreds of computers as easily as one.