Suitable for large and middle size organizations that need fully functional system manage. Also suitable for organizations with 200 to 1,000 clients.

   In business organizations and government agencies information technology plays a critical role. IT has become an essential tool for business administration, day-to-day operations and to support strategic decision making. When a problem occurs with the information systems, it will directly affect the entire business. Therefore, a key responsibility of the IT department is to maintain a stable information system. One of the toughest challenges is maintaining and supporting thousands of computers and their users, many of them mobile and at remote locations. Just keeping track of which devices are where and which software is installed on them can be a difficult task. To keep the staff productive, the IT department needs to respond to problems quickly. They need to be proactive to make sure the devices have the recommended settings and software to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities. When a threat is imminent, they need they the ability to implement system-wide changes immediately.

    StarCat Professional is designed to meet the challenges of large enterprises. Whether your organization has hundreds or thousands of devices, one location or hundreds of locations, StarCat administrators can manage up to 6000 endpoints from a single management server. The StarCat solution provides several features for remote support, problem solving, software deployment, software updates, and setting of IT security policies. Hardware and software asset management is automated with change alerts and notifications. The software licensing feature will track software that has been installed and its utilization to help management make informed decisions on IT planning and procurement. StarCat Professional reduces costs, saves time and allows your staff to do more.