NAC Solotion

    StarCat Network Access Control (NAC) is a computer networking solution that uses a set of protocols to define and implement a policy that describes how to secure access to network nodes by devices when they initially attempt to access the network.

    StarCat can be integrated with Network Access Control to prevent unauthorized computers from accessing the corporate network. The NAC integration provides several benefits that will enhance security. StarCat can ensure the NAC agent has been installed on managed devices. This capability would expedite the initial NAC deployment but also ensure devices maintain the proper NAC agent for uninterrupted access to the network. At the same time, the NAC policy can be leverage to make sure only devices that are being managed by StarCat would be allowed on the network. The NAC policy can verify that StarCat is installed and running, and take corrective action to ensure the desktops are always under StarCat management.

    The integration also allows for an administrator to restrict a device directly from the StarCat management console. This feature provides the helpdesk with a tool that makes managing NAC as easy as managing StarCat.

    StarCat integrates with the InfoExpress CyberGatekeeper solution and the CGX solution, and with the help of StarCat can be deployed quickly with no network changes.