StarCat 2013 is a comprehensive systems management solution for networked computers developed by IT experts.

   Large organizations have increasing relied upon technology to support their operations at their headquarters and branch offices spread around the country and the globe. With 100’s or 1000’s of branches and thousands of personal computers the task of managing these assets has many challenges. With thousands of computers there will always be devices that need remote support to keep the users productive. Keeping track of which hardware software is deployed where can become a huge burden, with the lack of accurate information leading to ineffective decision making and purchasing. Simple jobs like applying software or security updates can turn in to a major project.

    StarCat was designed to address the issues of large-scale computer management. IT Support can quickly initiate remote support sessions to get problems resolved in a responsive manner. Hardware and software asset management is automated, with utilization reports available as needed for efficient license allocation and purchasing plans. The risk of unauthorized and illegal software can be managed with BSA compliance reports and alerting when new hardware and software is found on the network. StarCat reduces the costs, time and manpower with centralized and rapid software & patch deployments.

    With large networks, even implementing computer management software can have its challenges. However, StarCat addresses these implementation issues with a very scalable design. A single server can support 6,000 clients located across the globe. The 20KB bandwidth consumption makes it easy to implement over slow or congested links. The small 1.6 MB agent provides a complete solution that is easy to deploy. A single agent provides: Remote support, Asset Management, Software licensing, software deployment, system control, System Security, and more. With StarCat, the challenges of deploying large-scale computer management systems have been eliminated.